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Electrolysis, a safe and effective method of hair removal, continues to be the treatment of choice for over 200 years. Electrolysis still remains the only treatment to be permanent for hair removal by the Food and Drug Association (FDA).  .

Electrolysis uses a very low level of current to destroy the source of the hair’s nourishment. So low, it is safe to use during pregnancy.  It is accomplished by inserting a sterile hair-like thin needle into each hair follicle down to the papilla, ( base of the shaft).  Once the current makes contact with the papilla, the hair is unable to receive nourishment from the bloodstream and dies off.  Because the needle is so minute, multiple treatments are necessary to make contact with the entire surface of the papilla. Repeated treatments are necessary to achieve permanent hair destruction.

Hair has three stages of growth; anagen, catagen, and telogen. It is crucial to treat the hair while it is in the anagen stage. This is the active growth time for hair. Contrary to popular belief that hair regrowth happens within a few days, hair actually takes up to 21 days to reappear. What most people assume is the same hair returning after a treatment is actually a hair from another follicle next to the one removed. The frequency of treatment varies for each person. Appointments should be weekly or biweekly to keep up with the hair growth cycles. . The hair becomes thinner, softer and weaker with each treatment until it eventually stops growing. 

There are multiple reasons for excessive hair growth; hereditary, hormonal, illness, medications, tampering and menopause. It is important to seek medical advice to determine which may be the cause.