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Customer Testimonials

Cathy has dramatically and effectively kept my unwanted facial hair under control. She is efficient, super-friendly and accommodating with her appointments. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for hair removal services.

Rita Celia


Cathy is a lifesaver. Although I rarely need treatments any more, because my unwanted facial hair growth has diminished :), I would highly recommend her. She is kind, friendly and professional. Her office is clean and comfortable.

- Claire Abate


I will be forever grateful to Cathy, I once was so embarrassed about the hair on my face and chin. Now, you would never know it was ever there. She works miracles!!!!

- Elizabeth S.

Cathy made my eyebrows go from Sasquatch to BeyoncĂ©. She started treating my eyebrows and upper lip in 7th grade, and my hair growth has slowed significantly. Thanks for being the best!                                                                                                                               -  Yvonne